Developing an Effective Online Course: Table of Contents



Topic 1:

Course Overview

Course Introduction

Instructor's Notes:

Assignment 1:


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Topic 2:

Evaluation Criteria

Instructor’s Notes

Assignment 2:


Topic 3:

Survey of Online Courses

Instructor's Notes

Assignment 3:


Topic 4:

Goals and Objectives

Instructor's Notes

Assignment 4:


Topic 5:

Course Outline

Instructor's Notes:

Assignment 5:


Topic 6:


Instructor's Notes

Assignment 6:


Topic 7:

Course Content

Instructor's Notes

Assignment 7:


Topic 8:

Web Design and Accessibility

Instructor's Notes

Assignment 8:


Topic 9:

Course Management & Planning

Instructor's Notes:

Assignment 9:


Topic 10:

Planning Formative Evaluation

Instructor's Notes:

Assignment 10:

Topic 11:

Conducting Formative Evaluation

Instructor's Notes:

Assignment 11:



Course Introduction

Features of the Online Medium

Curriculum Wizard (opens a new window)

Links to Sample Courses

Links to Pedagogy Resources

Rubric: Behavioral Objectives

Measurable Objectives Checklist

Key Questions for Online Courses

Bloom's Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain

Web Design and Accessibility Rubric

Web Design Tips



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Developing an Effective Online Class
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