Developing an Effective Online Course



The online course was developed for the Bay Area California Virtual Campus Center, under the direction and vision of CVC Region 1 Director, Martha Mills. The course was written and developed by Valerie Landau with collaboration and input from a team of outstanding educational technologists:

  • Francine Van Meter, Cabrillo College
  • Scott Hildreth, Ph.D., Chabot College
  • Scott Vigallon, Las Positas College
  • Marilena Tamburello, Ohlone College

Development Team

  • Diane Wang developed the HTML and Cascading Style Sheet for the Web site.
  • Jim Thomas of Juggernaut Technologies developed the code for the Curriculum Wizard and provided technical support.

Special thanks to Tanya Knoop whose editorial advice was crucial and to Jim’Bo Norrena for copyediting. Also, thanks to Nina Serrano for her unyielding support and advice. Dan Chapman was instrumental in concept development stage. Also thanks to Susan Loesch and Anthony Vogt for their help.

The "Developing an Effective Online Course" Web site will be kept current and contains hundreds of links that support the print version.
This is an evolving work in progress and any comments on how to improve the book and the online course are welcome.
All the URLs (Web links) were current at the time of printing but may change in time. Please report any out of date links to <>.

Copyright VLandau2001

License and Use

Permission to duplicate, reprint or electronically reproduce any or all portions of this document is granted to all California Community Colleges. All others should contact Martha Mills, Director, California Virtual Campus Region 1, California Virtual Campus is an educational technology project funded by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.






Developing an Effective Online Class
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