Topic 9: Course Management and Planning


Step 1.

Review netiquette policies. Find elements from other netiquette policies and define the netiquette policy you will use for your course.

Step 2.

Define a policy to manage expectations about the feedback you will give them.

Given the class size you are expecting, how will you manage answering questions, giving feedback, grading assignments, and taking tests?

Step 3.

Find out if the institution you work with has Course Management Software. If so, how will you make use of it?

Step 4.

Create a Project Management Plan. You can then use the Project Management Plan as a proposal for grants, a sabbatical, or release time. (See Topic 1 for more information on the production process.)
Include the following:

  • a flow chart of the course, if appropriate
  • a milestone calendar indicating the estimated time it will take to complete each task.
    Add an additional 10--—20% for formative evaluation (See Topic 10)
  • a plan for formative evaluation (See Topic 10)
  • an asset list defining the needed amount of text, graphics, rich media, or programming you will need to develop
  • how will your course be managed? Will you use course management systems or other tools? How many hours per week do you plan to spend teaching and managing the course?




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