Behavioral Objectives Checklist

  • Do each of the objectives describe what the student will have done when they complete the course?

  • Categorize the verbs in the objectives according to Bloom’s taxonomy? Does at least one objective fall into categories three through six?
    Application (3) Analysis (4) Synthesis (5) Evaluation (6)

  • Do your objectives describe "to what degree" or "how much" or "how well" a student must demonstrate the skill or knowledge?

  • What is the most exciting part of the skill you are teaching? Can you incorporate or emphasize that element more in your goals and objectives?

  • If you have more than fifteen objectives you probably need to cut back on the content of your course.

  • Review and compare your goals and objectives with those of a courses you have evaluated.

  • ß Compare your goals and objectives with those of courses similar to yours. What can be improved in the other course’s goals and objectives? Do your goals and objectives need revision?


Instructor's Notes

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Developing An Effective Online Course

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