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Prize Winning Courses

Physical Anthropology by Dennis O'Neil at Palomar College San Marcos, California, featues self-paced tutorials with graphics, a study guide in addition to an instructor lead synchronous course.

"HTML" by Diane Wang
This comprehensive course includes a section on accessibility

Courses on Instructional Design

"Instructional Design For Distance Learning" by Jim Hogan

Course on Instructional Design

Examples of course with most of the content online

(see Instructor Notes from Topic 7)

Text based

"Effective uses of online tools" by Kevin Oliver
Last Update, April 17, 2001


Text with graphics

"The Biological and Cultural Evolution of Archaic and Modern Homosapiens" by Dennis O'Neil, Ph.D. Palomar College San Marcos, California


Text with graphics and interactive multimedia

"Music in a Nutshell Tutorial and Quiz"
Graduate students Caroline Testard and Chad McDonald developed this online tutorial and quiz



Animated lessons

"Krebs Cycle"
The Krebs Cycleis an animated explains the Krebs cycle, osmosis, and fat synthesis as part of an online course on nutrition. by animation by Nan Edmonston, content by Betty Clamp, produced by Valerie Landau


Interactive tutorials

Animated tutorial
"See It, Hear It, Do It: Flash 5!" by Valerie Landau at Round World Media

Lesson on linear regression written by Susan Dean, developed by Round World Media

"Online Calorie Counter" by Betty Clamp

Video online

"MIS214 Representations and Algorithms for Molecular Biology by Stanford Center for Professional Development"

"Ready2Net: Inside the Web for Teacher Education"
California State University, Monterey Bay

Audio online

"Oyez, Oyez, Oyez"
Audio recording of Supreme Court Hearings


Audio with graphics and transcript "HIV Case Study"
Eugene Seymour, M.D., M.P.H. Medical Director Center for AIDS Research and Training, Inc.

Examples of modules with the majority of the content delivered via other media such as books. The online components facilitate collaborative work and online discussion


Students read books and turn in assignments and work collaboratively on line.


Barbara Tull's "Critical Thinking and English Composition"
Students watch videos, read a textbook and participate in online community and turn in online assignments

PBS Adult Learning Service Web-based
In this course there are:: 12 Web-based lessons & 3 research projects, a textbook, a study guide, a Faculty Manual, and a Test bank

PBS Adult Learning Services TeleWeb courses
Most of our current teleWEBcourses include the following:

  • Programs The telecourse programs are full audiovisual, documentary-style learning experiences featuring outstanding professors, on-location footage, and enlightening interviews.
  • Internet Component The Internet component offers students interactivity, a sense of community, and extensive Web-based resources and activities that reinforce course lessons.
  • Textbook
  • Student study guide
  • Faculty manual

All the content is in the textbook. The syllabus is online and assignments are submitted online

"College Orientation and Student Success!" Patricia B. Parma, M.A., L.P.C. Counselor
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