Topic 4: Write Goals and Objectives


Step 1.

Write your course goals. Enter your goals in the Goals section of the Curriculum Wizard.

Step 2.

Write a draft of your course objectives

Step 3.

Compare your goals to the Behavioral Objectives Rubric and Behavioral Objectives Checklist

Step 4.

Categorize each learning objective according to Bloom’s Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain

Examples categorizing learning objectives according to Bloom's Taxonomy:

American Montessori Consulting Newsletter
If you scroll down on this page you will find an excellent example of categorizing objectives according to Bloom's Taxonomy

"Nick's Tip for Teachers" provides examples of activities according to each of the levels of cognition illustrated in Bloom's Taxonomy

"Questioning for Thinking"
Offers sample questions ranking them according to the levels of cognition in Bloom's Taxonomy.

Step 5.

Revise your course objectives and enter them in the Objectives section of the Curriculum Wizard.

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