Topic 5: Developing a Course Outline
Instructor’s Notes


What is a Course Outline?

The course outline is simply the list of the course modules. It is similar to a table of contents in a book or the outline used for writing papers. The outline defines the scope and content of your course.

The outline is closely linked with the goals and objectives. Once you establish your course goals and objectives, you can reorganize them. The outline emerges from this new list.

Caution should be exercised to avoid cramming too much into a course.
Often, instructional designers develop the goals and objectives for the course only to realize, "Oh my! This is overly ambitious." They then revise the goals and objectives (slash and burn) and the course outline is also revised.

In most cases, less is more.


Samples of online course outlines:

"Reading a Community: Urban History at the Local Level"

"Bellingham Schools Course Outline: Information Literacy and the Net"


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Assignment 5: Write your course outline

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