Rubric for Web Design and Accessibility

Many of examples on this page are of sites with great content but could be improved by applying the principles of good Web design and Accessibility.


Validated by Bobby
and The HTML Validation Service

No alt tags on images and no narration text for audio
To learn how to add alt tages:

Uses frames and main frame is not labeled

No alt tags, no narration text for audio, inappropriate use of color, uses frames, doesn't validate


The background doesn't interfere with the text and compliments the graphics

The background is distracting and makes the text hard to read

Luaka Bop News and Tours

The background color or pattern makes the extremely difficult to read

The Burt Williams Home Page

The background is too busy and the text is almost unreadable

Luaka Bop Toy Box


Text is easy to read and is within a column of no more than 10-12 words across with plenty of white space on both sides

Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think

The text stretches all the way across the page


Jakob Nielson

Sentences with more than four words in either: all caps, italic, bold, or underlined if its not a link.

Typos interspersed in unreadable text

Clearly labeled links that are easy to identify as links

Links that are not clear about where they take you

Links that are not underlined and not clearly links

Dead links or links that take you to page "under construction"

Graphics enhance the site's message. Graphics should complement or show what words cannot.

Graphics with no alt tags

Graphics are too large or too small

Distracting graphics

Animation illustrates the point

Animation adds pizzazz but doesn’t illustrate the point. Animation does not deliver a clear message.

Animated intro pages with no "skip intro" button. Distracting animations

Animations that deters users from getting the info they need.

The focal point of the page is clear

Unidentifiable focal point

Cluttered- multiple alignments

Pages that look OK in one browser but not in another.

The site is easy to navigate and the design is consistent throughout the site All the pages are not easily accessible and the pages don't have a common theme The navigation is confusing and some pages are dead ends

Sites with links to pages 'under construction'. Sites that don't allow you to use the back button to go back to another site.

Beware: if you click on this link you will not be able to use the back button to get back to this page


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