Topic 5: Writing the Course Outline


"Nature has no outline." - Blake


Write a course outline.

Warm-Up Activity

Compare the course objectives of this course to the course outline (below). What are the similarities between the two?

Course Outline

Course Objectives

Topic 1: Introduction

Review the course materials

Get acquainted with procedures

Participate in class introductions

Topic 2: Evaluation Criteria

Evaluate an existing course

Topic 3: Survey of Online Courses

Review existing teacher-centered and student-centered courses

Topic 4: Developing Goals and Objectives

Define course goals and objectives

Topic 5: Writing the Course Outline

Write a course outline

Topic 6: Developing Assignment

Develop an activity for one module

Develop feedback for the activity

Topic 7: Developing the Course Content

Develop Instructor’s Notes for one module

Topic 8: Web Design and Accessibility

Identify key issues regarding Web design and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Topic 9: Course Management and Planning

Review issues of course management and facilitation

Topic 10: Project Management

Write a project management plan

Topic 11: Formative Evaluation

Conduct formative evaluation

Revise the course

What is a Course Outline?

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