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See it, Hear It, Do it: Flash 5
A new & easier way to learn Macromedia's Web animation software Flash 5.

>Free demo of the first three lessons

The tutorial incorporate multiple learning styles and provides tangible results.
Available online and on CD-ROM.

This self-paced tutorial uses animation and narration to guide you through the creation of a humorous interactive e-greeting that you can publish or send. On one side of the screen you watch the tutorial, while other side, you work in Flash to learn:



  • animation
  • interactivity
  • sound
  • navigational buttons.

This tutorial is designed for people who have basic knowledge of how to make Web pages and basic experience using graphics software.


Online US$20
Payable by check or through a secure credit card online transaction.
Scholarships available to low income residents of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

CD-ROM US$49.99
Available through

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