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See it, Hear it, Do it: Flash 5
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A Stand Out in a Growing Crowded Market,

"In the growing marketplace of Flash related manuals, guidebooks, CDs and the like, Landau's contribution is a stand out. Beautifully designed, easy to follow, wonderful examples, and a UI that represents the very best of what the design community should be doing for the rest of us. Highly recommended."

Lev Gonick, PhD
Chief Technology Officer, California State University, Monterey Bay

"I really enjoyed playing with the tutorial and learning Flash 5... I really like the idea of "learning by doing" and I think the greeting card example that you created is a good example -- it definitely introduces the user to the tools and the creation process; it's also humorous, straight forward and fairly simple."

Moira Delany M.A.
Director of Internet Content Development, Vulcan Programming II

"Wow, I didn't think I could learn Flash that fast. My friends thought the e-card was great."

Customer from Bermuda

"This CD-ROM shows you how to create an e-greeting in Flash. It is fun, simple, and takes you through a small project. This is a great introduction to Flash."

Cusotmer from San Jose, CA

"This easy to use tutorial helped me learn Flash 5 in a really fun and encouraging environment. The cute little monkey made me enjoy learning Flash and the sight, sound, and me doing it myself all put together helped me learn it really quickly and easily."

Customer from Santa Rosa, CA

"Effective and painless way to learn, ...Two thumbs up."

Customer from San Francisco

"I was teaching Flash 5 at SF City College. I went through the tutorial. I thought it was something good, so I used it in my class... The result was great. It gave me a lot of structure because it was the first time I taught the class.

The tutorial encompasses all the basic features of Flash into one project. After you use this tutorial, you feel that you know Flash, because you learn all of the basics in one project. In others I've seen, they do small projects for each Flash aspect, but this lets you build one whole project and gives you a better sense of the whole Flash process. The project is itself fun and funny. It keeps people interested. It's good because you have a final product.You've created something you can share with your friends by email or publish on the Web. You can show people what you've done.

Now, Flash 5 is easier for me to teach."

Greg Beher
Instructor, SF City College

"I love the idea of "Just in Time Learning". I feel this is the future for most of us in the Corporate Training world and what people really need. I really like the interface and ease of use of your tutorial. I like the way you have guided examples and the learner can follow along.
In addition, the narration is great!

Julie Barnathan
Program Director, Multimedia and IT Corporate Training



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