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Alameda Journal
Volume 15, No.25 Tuesday, March 27, 2001
Newstand 25 cents
Alamedan launches 'See it, Hear it, Do it!' software

Valerie Landau, Alameda resident and founder of a local educational technology company, Round World Media, is launching "See it! Hear it! Do it! Flash 5, " a self-paced tutorial in Macromedia's animation program, Flash 5.

The "See it! Hear it! Do it! Flash 5" tutorial uses a multi-sensory approach. Students watch and listen to a step-by-step procedures while they create an interactive greeting card.

"Its like having a virtual tutor at your side," Landau said. "When you finish the tutorial, usually in about two hours, you can send your work as an e-greeting card to a friend or publish it on your Web site. You learn a new skill and have a tangible product to show as part of your portfolio."


Peach Pit Press is bundling the program to distribute with its Flash 5 books.

The tutorial uses a comic motif because Landau believes humor makes the project more fun.

The Flash 5 tutorial can also be accessed at

Landau studied media research methodology at San Francisco State and conducted her post-graduate study on technology in education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Round World Media partners with another Alameda business, Juggernaut, which offers support in Web site and e-commerce management.


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