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Multimedia Projects About the Work of Dr. Douglas Engelbart

Dr. Douglas Engelbart, Valerie Landau and Eileen Clegg of Visual Insight are writing a book about Engelbart's vision for increasing the collective IQ.

The following are links to multimedia projects about Dr. Engelbart's work.

Engelbart, An Invitation to Innovation
An historical timeline showcasing fifty years of Dr. Engelbart's accomplishments. The timeline can be explored interactively or as narrated slide show about Dr. Engelbart.



  Douglas Engelbart 2004 Augment Demo
This Photo Essay chronicles a demonstration given by Dr. Douglas Engelbart of the 'AUGMENT SYSTEM' to the CSUMB students in the Fall 2004. In 1968 Engelbart and his team at Stanford Research Institute demonstrated a the Augment/NLS system, a demo that became known as the Mother of all Demos'.
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Video Archive: How did Doug Engelbart influence your work?
A film crew led by Associate Professor Valerie Landau asked this question of several Silicon Valley pioneers and scholars at Doug Engelbart's 80th birthday party reunion held at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in January 2005. This project archives and transcribes those interviews.

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Engelbart Awards Photos

Engelbart Awards Movie with Sound

  engelbart awards

Research and Development in the Engelbart Paradigm
Indiana University East and California State University take a small step toward forming an Educational Networked Improvement Community (EdNIC) by collaborating online to explore Engelbart’s vision for humanity and technology. An EdNIC is a key Engelbart concept.
Research and Development in the Engelbart paradigm

Engelbart EdNIC Wiki Collaboratory on OpenCourse

  EdNIC ppt

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