FlashMeeting Videoconferencing


In the Spring of 2005, CSUMB students were able to sit in on video conferences between Douglas Engelbart and Engelbart scholars from around the globe to discuss the Development of Dynamic Knowledge Repositories (DKRs) and the issues surrounding them.

Organized by CSUMB Assistant Professor Valerie Landau, several conferences using FlashMeeting technology were held as a component of CSU Monterey Bay's Spring 2005 Collaborative Systems course. This was the first time Dr. Engelbart had experienced global videoconferencing and the actualization of his 1950's vision of video conferences. It was a great experience for us all. "I'd like to jump up and down I am so excited" (Doug Engelbart, 2005 FlashMeeting Videoconferences)

Participants included: Dr. Douglas Engelbart, Dr. Jamie Dinkelacker, (Palo Alto, CA), Eileen Clegg (Bodega Bay, CA), Jim Whitehead (Santa Cruz, CA) , Dr. Erik Duval (Belguim), Dr. Brian Fisher (British Columbia), Simon Buckingham Shum (U.K.), Patrick McKercher, Dr. Robert Stephenson (Detroit, MI), Valerie Landau and CSUMB's Spring 2005 Engelbart students (Monterey, CA). Students participants included Aimee Babb, Teresa Barsanti, Kathleen Biersteker, Matthew Lussier, Rebecca Sheranian, and Josh Warren.

Questions explored:
What is a Dynamic Knowledge Repository?
What is the difference between a Dynamic Knowledge Repository and a Knowledge Repository?
What a Dynamic Knowledge Repository is not?
How do we measure our capability to build and use a Dynamic Knowledge Repository?

You can listen to the recorded sessions on the FlashMeeting archives:

31 March, 2005 10am PST

1 April, 2005 10am PST

7 April, 2005 10am PS